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Estima are known as "Bakers" among the supermarkets. They produce high yields of large oval tubers with light yellow skin and flesh. They are classed as a second early, but could almost be planted as an early maincrop.

Estima potatoes show good resistance to growth cracks and secondary growth, and are one of the most popular potato varieties in the UK. Very popular due to their smooth skin, small number of eyes and large sized crop.

Certified Scottish Seed


  • Early planting in March for a June harvest
  • Plant normally April for a July harvest




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"They look a bit exotic, which of course they are, but the taste is simply superb. I know they always say they are splendid when roasted but for my money they are best gently steamed till the psychological moment of perfectly cooked. Then you get the full floury tastiness of roasted chestnut and you wish you had cooked twice as many."

"Have just removed my first batch of "Gold" from my Allotment. I planted them out the second week of March after Chitting them on the windowsill. From 1 seed Potato, i have harvested 3lb of Gold. Had roast Potatoes with my Dinner and a good portion of Chips at supper time. Well worth the money, and the taste is just fantastic. So glad i got my order in early."

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