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Our goal here at Patch is to help you to enjoy the rewards of nature by growing your own veg from home. We specialise in providing the seed potatoes, fertiliser, equipment and expertise for growing your own food.

Fresh seasonal potatoes taste amazing. They're great value and it's fun and rewarding to get all the family involved in producing your own quality food at home. 

Whether it's at home or the work place, from urban spaces to back garden veg patches, wherever your Patch may be, get growing!



Our heritage

Patch is proud to have a direct link to the potato industry through S J McCreight (Potatoes) Ltd, who have been involved in the potato trade for the last 40 years. McCreights import and export potatoes to countries worldwide and also supply local farmers and garden stores. Not only are they experts in the commercial trade of potatoes, but also in the fine art of breeding new varieties. With such a knowledgable background to rely on, Patch can accomodate any spud related request.



Quality stock

At Patch we are dedicated to supplying quality seed to gardeners and allotment growers. Our strong base of farmers supply us with some of the best quality seed potatoes in Ireland, giving us complete traceability on all of our stock, meaning peace of mind for you.

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